Weak Passwords, 123456 Remain A Problem In 2018

Weak Passwords Will Lead You To High Risk

As per the annual list of Weak or worst passwords of year, this year 2018 system users are still inadequate. Password actually delivers a sense of security for the both home users and companies. Password is used to protect users sensitive data, so it is regarded as a first line of defense. In this modern era, users uses various account or data and save them with a strong password. So, forgetting of password is one of the most tedious issues. However, people creates a single password for various account or section that can be guessed easily by the modern password cracking system.

Get Familiar With Most Commonly Used Password

After the depth analysis, it has been revealed that password and the combination of number such as 123456 are the most common password from about five million user whose data was leaked over the Internet. According to the report, people often write down their password in notebook and sticky label which is one of the biggest mistake. If you think that passwords are a new or confusing technology then you are wrong because adults under the age 50 have used passwords for decades. Each year researchers laugh after reviewing the released passwords and this year the point in 123456, admin, qwerty, password and letmein.

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Password Is Not Secure At All To Keep Your Data Safe

If you are one of the user who think that password is a secure way to secure your data then you are wrong. Each year, SplashData creates the list of most popular and widely used passwords that have been made public or stolen. Some of the most common passwords that were used in Western Europe and North America are :

From the aforementioned image, you can clearly see that ‘password’ and ‘123456’ remain unchanged from the previous year chart. Despite, some new entries are also bad idea. The team of cyber hackers uses most common term from the sports and pop culture to break into online account because they know very well that most of the users are using easy-to-remember words.

Tips To Create A Strong Password

  1. Make your password at least 7 characters long
  2. Use complex combinations without any specific words
  3. Use uppercase, lowercase and special characters in your password.
  4. Don’t use a single password for various account.
  5. Always keep your PC clean and safe by strong anti-virus tool and many more.

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