Thanatos Ransomware : First To Accept Ransom in Bitcoin Cash

A group of cyber security analysts have reported a new malware named Thanatos Ransomware which accepts ransom money from the victimized users in the form of Bitcoin cash. This file-encoder virus has attacked the virtual community for quite some time now and it is related with the popular cryptocurrencies like Zcash and Monero. According to the malware researchers, this ransomware is the first threat which demands the payment of asked ransom money in bitcoin cash from the victims of Thanatos Ransomware.

Thanatos Ransomware

Although, Zcash and Monero are the two cryptocurrencies which is often labeled as ‘criminals currencies’ just because the fact that hackers mostly uses these cryptocurrencies for illicit purposes. Based on the research report, another cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin has subsided in the hackers’ world and now the Bitcoin cash has gaining the popularity among the racketeers because they are using Bitcoin cash first time to ask ransom money from the victims in this form. Apart from its messy encryption, the Thanatos Ransomware uses two other ways to gain ransom money from the victimized users.

Cyber criminals responsible for Thanatos Ransomware attack also instruct victims to make ransom payment either in Bitcoin, Ether or Bitcoin cash. Cyber criminals demands 200 USD after encoding the files stored on targeted Windows machine and makes them inaccessible to receive ransom payment in Bitcoin cash, Ether and Bitcoin as well. Meanwhile, this is not first time when bitcoin cash has been used by the cyber extortionists for illicit purposes. Back in December 2017, the darknet web portal known as Dream Market used Bitcoin cash as a payment option. Here, you should understand that Dream Market is one of the biggest hidden place used for selling drugs.

Thanatos Ransomware

Before the bitcoin cash, Bitcoin cryptocurrency was used as a primary option for the ransom payment but due to its high transaction fee, hackers switched to bitcoin cash for processing cheaper transaction. Furthermore, as per the research report published by a reputed online security forum, the Thanatos Ransomware is quite different from other types of file-encrypting viruses, because after encoding the system’s files, the decryption key is not stored anywhere. If you are the victim of Thanatos Ransomware and make the ransom payment in the hope of getting decryption utility.

Besides, it is quite important for you to understand that even the operators of Thanatos Ransomware are not able to decode the files or providing decryption key. Therefore, cyber security researchers strongly advise victimized users to avoid paying ransom money to the operators of Thanatos Ransomware, because they will encounter both money and data loss. Additionally, the malware appends the encoded file name with ‘.THANATOS’ extension and makes them unreadable for the computer users. However, if have already became the victim of Thanatos Ransomware, then avoid contacting the hackers via ‘[email protected]’ email address, instead remove it from your PC immediately and try to use alternative method for file restoration.

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