RobbinHood Ransomware Claims It’s Protecting User’s Privacy

This post is all about RobbinHood Ransomware that mainly affects users in North Carolina and earn about $10K penalty per day by victims. It’s encryption behavior and negative traits is similar to other ransomware but the notable fact is that it claims. Yes, you heard right, it s actually pretends itself to be honest and promises Windows user to respect their privacy. To know more about RobbinHood Ransomware, go through this expert’s guide thoroughly.

All About RobbinHood Ransomware

The cyber-security world is really full of various surprises, hackers often engaged in created several ransomware to extort money from victims. Recently, a new ransomware named RobbinHood Ransomware has been identified that capable to target Systems with entire network. In related development, it is spreading in the North Carolina but it is capable to crippled the Systems owned city. The creators of this ransomware is too much specific about the victim’s privacy that mainly they delete IP addresses and file encryption keys after receiving payment. It is mainly used by hackers to harass system users under pretext of the funds as well as raising awareness for Yemen people

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Get Familiar With Working Mechanism of RobbinHood Ransomware

RobbinHood Ransomware is likewise other worst ransomware infection that follows secret way to penetrate inside the machine. Once it propagates on user machine, it uses AES file encryption algorithm to initiate the encryption procedure. It is capable to encrypt almost all victim’s files including documents, images, audio files, video files, databases, PDFs, spreadsheets and much more in exchange for decryption key. The targeted objects of this ransomware can be identified because it renames the targeted object by adding .robinhood extension. After locking files successfully, it demands for a ransom payment for getting unique file decryption key which is too much necessary for recovering files. RobbinHood Ransomware drops four ransom note at same time with different names including :

  • _Decryption_ReadMe.html
  • _Help_Help_Help.html
  • _Decrypt_Files.html
  • _Help_Important.html
Ransom Note of RobbinHood Ransomware

In-Depth Information of Ransom Note Displayed By RobbinHood Ransomware

RobbinHood Ransomware includes ransom message that mainly claim to serves Yemen people, referencing killing of the innocent people lived in Yemen by the Saudi Arabia. It displays a desktop image entitled as HELP YEMEN includes message for instruction to take recovery procedures. It also drop READ_IT.txt file on desktop that instructs victim to make $14000 USD ransom payment. But no need to believe on ransom note because actually, it is just only a tricky thing used to victimized several Computer user to extort money from them. To deal with RobbinHood Ransomware and get back your files back, first of all you have to get rid of it from your contaminated machine.

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