Remove PUA.MalwareCrusher from Safari

All Essential Facts That You Must Know About PUA.MalwareCrusher

PUA.MalwareCrusher, is another term falls under the Potentially Unwanted Application that mainly affect Mac based System. At the first sight, such an application pretend itself as a trusted and helpful one that performs the deep scan and displays several misleading detail about the System related issues. It displays a scan result and inform victims that their System has been infected with some of the malicious malware. But you should not trust on fake scan results because it has been created by cyber criminals just only to trick victims. After displaying scary scan results, it ask victims to pay fee to fix all Mac System related issues. See how the scan results of PUA.MalwareCrusher looks like to trick more and more innocent users :

Delete PUA.MalwareCrusher

Technical Details of PUA.MalwareCrusher

Threat's Name PUA.MalwareCrusher
Family Malware Crusher
Type Potentially Unwanted Application
Publisher Malware Crusher Inc
Affected Systems Mac OS X
Danger Level Low
Updated December 28th, 2017 at 3:46:30 AM
Removal Possible
Recommended Download Windows Scanner to delete PUA.MalwareCrusher.

Propagation Channels of PUA.MalwareCrusher

Being a Potentially Unwanted Application, it penetrates inside the Mac System without user's awareness. The con artists of such an application uses couples of way but mainly packed inside the cost-free packages and shareware programs. When you download any cost-free application from trusted or even untrusted domain using typical or default option then there is a high chance that your System has been victimized by such an application.

If you really want to avoid your System having PUA.MalwareCrusher or other unwanted application then you must be attentive while doing any online operation. System user must accept the EULA, read the terms & conditions and opt Advanced/Custom installation option. This option is really very useful that prevent users from installing any third-party or dubious application. By opting these simple safeguard tips, you can protect your PC against PUA.MalwareCrusher.

Harmful Effects of PUA.MalwareCrusher

  • Corrupt your crucial registry files and injects lots of malicious code into it.
  • Infect all System executing on Mac OS X and prevent users from accessing PC easily and normally.
  • Drastically slows down performance speed by eating up too much Computer as well as network resources.
  • Disables functionalities of all security programs and firewall settings.
  • Collects your all personal data and forward them to hacker with evil purposes.


French Suppression PUA.MalwareCrusher Dans les étapes simples
German PUA.MalwareCrusher Deinstallation: Wie man Beseitigen abschütteln PUA.MalwareCrusher In nur wenigen Schritten
Polish Kasować PUA.MalwareCrusher z Safari : Znieść PUA.MalwareCrusher
Portuguese Ajudar a Excluir PUA.MalwareCrusher
Italian Eliminazione PUA.MalwareCrusher manualmente
Spanish Retirar PUA.MalwareCrusher de Internet Explorer : Acabar con PUA.MalwareCrusher
Danish PUA.MalwareCrusher Afinstallation: tips til Afinstaller PUA.MalwareCrusher Manuelt
Dutch Mogelijke Stappen Voor Het verwijderen PUA.MalwareCrusher van Firefox

How to Uninstall PUA.MalwareCrusher on Mac

PUA.MalwareCrusher is classified as adware or potentially unwanted program which annoys the users during their web session. It is capable to violate the security settings and find its own way to invade in the targeted system. Usually, PUA.MalwareCrusher comes attached with spam emails, infected removable devices, free software etc and gets installed as an extension in different web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc. It does not allow the users to surf normally and misleads them to the suspicious sites. Your screen will be filled with lots of advertisements and promotional alerts. It convince the users to download the free software, video or music files and in the meantime installs harmful threats in bundles to affect the PC efficiency. Thus, do not get trapped in the scam of hackers and avoid clicking on PUA.MalwareCrusher anymore.

Besides this, PUA.MalwareCrusher can also interrupt your online shopping session by displaying variety of deals, best offers, discount coupons, promo codes etc. It claims to help the users to shop under their budget and convince them to purchase products from its links. You must be aware that when you will make payment then third party hackers can gain your financial details secretly. It can result extremely dangerous for the users identity as the system performance. So, you need to take immediate action in order to get rid of PUA.MalwareCrusher permanently after detection.

How to Delete PUA.MalwareCrusher from Mac OSX

Step 1. Uninstall PUA.MalwareCrusher completely From Mac OSX

1. Open “Finder

2. Go to the “Applications” folder

3. Right click on PUA.MalwareCrusher and then select “Move to Trash

4. Open “Trash” folder and select “Empty”


Step 2. Remove PUA.MalwareCrusher related extension from Your Browser

Uninstall PUA.MalwareCrusher From Safari

  • Open the Safari browser
  • Click on ‘Safari‘ and select ‘Preferences
  • Now choose the ‘extensions‘ tab from top menu bar
  • The list of all currently installed
  • extensions, or plugins will get opened
  • Choose PUA.MalwareCrusher and other suspicious extensions.
  • Finally click on Uninstall button.


Remove PUA.MalwareCrusher From Mac Chrome

  • Click the Chrome Menu  mac chromeon the browser toolbar.
  • Select Tools and choose the Extensions option.
  • Select PUA.MalwareCrusher extension and click the trash  trash icon
  • Make sure to remove all unwanted or suspicious extensions.
  • Click on Remove button if confirmation dialog box opens.


Remove PUA.MalwareCrusher From Mac Firefox

  • Open your Firefox and select the Firefox OSX menu.

  • Select Preferences

  • option from the Firefox menu.

  • Choose Add-ons Manager tab and click Extensions panel.

  • Select PUA.MalwareCrusher and click on Disable or Remove button.

  • Make sure to remove all unwanted or suspicious extensions.

  • Click on Restart now button if it pops up.

FF Ext

Step 3. Download MacKeeper To Remove PUA.MalwareCrusher

If you have performed all the above steps but PUA.MalwareCrusher still remains on your Mac then you should use Mackeeper Tool to remove this threat completely from your Mac. If you don’t want to perform those manual steps then you can also use the Mackeeper Tool to automatically remove PUA.MalwareCrusher from your Mac machine. It is an elite Mac cleaner and optimizer Tool enhance that remove all kinds of junks and harmful infections from Mac. It is an all in one Mac optimization Tool that boost the performance of your Mac and give the optimum security.

User Guide :- How To Remove PUA.MalwareCrusher using Mackeeper

1. Click on the below button to download MacKeeper now


2. Double-click “MacKeeper.dmg” and complete the installation process.


3. In “System Status” tab, run a Scan to detect PUA.MalwareCrusher and then click “Fix items Safely” to clean up all infections.mack3