Only 50% of the Victims Recovered Their Data Even After Paying Ransom

As we all are too much familiar with ransomware attack that evolves growing rapidly. Ransomware infection is mainly created by hackers to earn money from victims and for this generated a ransom note that instructs victims to pay ransom demanded in Bitcoin, a digital currency. The survey mainly caries out by security research and marketing firm CyberEdge Group reveals that paying ransom fee doesn’t guarantee that victims will get access to their valuable files. To get files back, timely backup is the best solution.

Over Quarter of Victims Lost Their Data For Good

Survey reveals that 55% of total responders suffered with a ransomware threat in 2017 compared to previous year when 61% experienced with the similar incidents. According to the CyberEdge, of all victims who suffered with ransomware infection, only 61.3% users not opted to pay ransom fee at all. Some of the users lost their file for good while rest managed to recover their files using backup of ransomware decrypter tools.

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According to the massive survey report of decision makers across 17 countries and nearly 1,200 IT security partitioner revealed that half of people who fell victim to the ransomware infection were able to recover their files easily after paying ransom demanded fee. Of 38.7% who opted to pay ransom fee, little less than half(19.1%) only recovered their crucial files using the utility provided by ransomware creators while rest (19.6%) lost their crucial data. Ransomware creators either did not provide any ransom decryption instructions or applications. Overall, over quarter of ransomware victims lost their data for good

7 Most Crucial Findings of CyberEdge Survey

  1. Of all organizations, 77% organizations suffered from cyber attack in 2017.
  2. The security related budgets are expected to account for only 12% of overall IT budget in 2018 for companies.
  3. From previous year, security relayed budgets are on rise with 4.7% in 2018.
  4. 4 out of 5 organizations state that they are experiencing with the shortage of personnel with the IT security skills.
  5. 9 out of 10 companies are experiencing with the privacy and cloud related security issues.
  6. Survey respondents state that they actually planned to invest money in the containerization/micro-virtualization, malware analysis/sandboxing and the API gateway.
  7. Respondents state that they perceived the application containers and mobile device.

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