New Marap Malware Capable To Target Financial Sector

In the world of cyber crime, recently a new malware downloader named Marap Malware has been discovered. This malware is module in the nature that allows it to download and install the additional payloads and the modules. As a result, it allows the operators of Marap Malware to upgrade downloaded with the new and highly advanced capabilities and repackages it to future attacks. After the depth analysis by researcher, they revealed that it mainly targets the financial sectors and capable of copying the System’s fingerprints and sent them to C&C servers that controlled by the group of cyber criminals.

Marap Malware

Fingerprinting Module of Marap Malware

The System fingerprinting module of Marap Malware is a DLL that written in the C++ language and capable of gathering user’s all personal detail including username, bank account details, domain name, country, IP address, password, Windows version, System as well as network configuration details and many more. Once gathering user’s all personal data, it secretly sent them to command and control server without users awareness with evil intention.

Notorious Functionality of Marap Malware

The development of Marap Malware is just a proof that System infections are becoming too much stronger day-to-day and too much difficult to detect and delete it. This malware uses strong API-hashing technique to avoid itself from analysis and detection. Another deceitful technique used by this malware is time check that checks the time at which it had started its malevolent activities. Being a member of malware, Marap Malware is capable to causes lots of issues for PC including :

  • Download and install several malicious malware.
  • Slows down overall System performance speed.
  • Hampers users browsing experience.
  • Disables your all security measures.
  • Makes unnecessary modification in crucial settings etc.
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Transmission Preferences of Marap Malware

According to the depth analysis by researcher, they revealed that the campaigns of Marap Malware is too much similar with the campaigns that conducted by TA505 APT threat actor. The campaigns of this malware usually comes as an attachment of MS Word that includes macros. When System users opened any macros enabled documents, their System easily get victimized by this infection. Besides, it also attacks PC when System users opened any suspicious attachment, click on any malicious link, download any shareware or freeware packages, upgrade OS via third-party link, use any infected media devices and many more.

Learn How To Avoid Marap Malware

The possibility of Marap Malware avoidance is possible after opting some safeguard or precaution tips. By following some simple habits in day-to-day life while using PC, user can easily avoid the attack of Marap Malware. The safeguard tips are :

  • Be wary and cautious while surfing the web.
  • Use only trusted and legitimate sources to download and install any packages.
  • Don’t open any spam messages containing dubious attachment.
  • Visit only trusted domain and avoid yourself from visiting any hacked or gambling site.
  • Don’t use any pirated software or infected peripheral device etc.

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