New Chrome Cleanup Tool Isn’t Making Windows User Happy

Chrome Cleanup tool

Google has added a new feature in Chrome for Windows users in order to provide them better security against the invasion of potentially unwanted programs or malicious softwares. This new feature works as a complement protection that are already available in the service like Chrome Safe Browsing which identifies the unsafe website and alert the users when they accidentally or intentionally visit any infectious domains. In this service, the Google notifies the both website owners and webmasters about the presence of any dangerous threats that its crawlers might found on the sites to take measure action against it to address the flaws.

According to the Google, the services like Safe Browsing identifies plenty of malware-laden or unsafe web pages on a regular basis. Among those sites, most of them were attacked without the knowledge of website owners or its users. The new feature of Chrome that Google announced claims to be designed specifically to address the problems which manages to bypass the protections of Safe Browsing. It helps to warn the system users about the alteration of default browser’s settings that have been done without asking user’s permission or their consent.

For example, some annoying extensions or toolbars of Chrome that belongs to adware family can hijack the web browsers like Google Chrome installed on user’s machine and then perform various changes. They mainly modifies the default search engine and other crucial settings of Google Chrome without the user of being aware of these alterations. According to the Google product manager, when Chrome detects any modifications onto the default settings without user’s consent, then it offers to restore those settings immediately to avoid any consequences.

Although, Google has upgraded the technology in Chrome Cleanup tool that helps detecting and eliminating any kind of malicious or undesired apps. In order to provide better security to its users, the company worked with ESET security vendor to integrate the sandbox technology of browser with the malware detection engine of ESET. However, this new sandbox engine is not a kind of general purpose anti-virus program. Rather, the technology of ESET will improve the ability of Chrome Cleanup tool to detect and delete any unwanted components available on the infected Google Chrome browser.

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Now, the Google has started rolling out its new feature to the users who loves to browse the web through Chrome on Windows computers. Whenever Google Chrome detects any unsafe content, it displays a pop-up alert which offers to remove the program and restore the previous settings back to the normal one. In addition to that, the dialog box also provides the option to decline this offer or more details on that software. What’s more, the company said in a security-related announcement that it has added a new security feature which blocks the malicious websites for the users of Google WiFi.

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