New Campaign of KeyPass Ransomware Is Underway : Know About It

In the family of Ransomware, KeyPass Ransomware is one of the new member which belongs to same family as STOP Ransomware. As per the security analyst report, this ransomware uses a new campaign to infect more and more Windows PC. To get complete information about new campaign of KeyPass Ransomware, go through with this post completely. But before that know about the KeyPass Ransomware.

Delete KeyPass Ransomware

Detailed Information of KeyPass Ransomware

KeyPass Ransomware is one of the most infamous ransomware infection that capable to infect almost all System executing on Windows based OS. Likewise traditional ransomware it employs powerful cryptography algorithm and locks users files. The primary objective of its developers is to earn online money from System users. It targets Windows PC secretly and after that it immediately start to execute malicious processes.

After infecting PC, it will encrypt your all personal data including photos, audios, movies, documents, databases, PDFs and many more using strong asymmetric cryptography. The infected files of this ransomware can be noticed on PC easily because it adds .KEYPASS file extension. Upon targeting files, it makes them inaccessible and display a document known as !!!KEYPASS_DECRYPTION_INFO!!!.

Ransom Note of KeyPass Ransomware

Know What Documents of KeyPass Ransomware Says

Document actually serves as a ransom message that contains detailed information about KeyPass Ransomware attack and instructs users to pay the ransom fee. This ransomware uses same scare technique as other ransomware do. It mentioned 72 hours time limit to pay ransom fee. The initial ransom cost is $300 but later the price will grows if you fail to do. To trick more and more users into paying ransom fee, it allows users to decrypt 1-3 file having small size. But team of security experts don’t encourage the System users into paying ransom demanded fee.

Distribution Campaigns of KeyPass Ransomware

According to the researchers, KeyPass Ransomware is mainly spread via spam emails or junk mail attachment. Once System users opened any spam messages appeared in inbox from unknown sources or untrusted person then their System gets victimized by this infection. So, it is better to stay away from suspicious email. But KeyPass Ransomware is very evolving in nature that uses several new campaigns to victimized Windows PC. These days, it appeared in the users System when they download and install any cracks like KMSpico. It’s propagation channels may varies time-to-time but the main source of it’s infiltration remains same that is the use of Internet.

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Safeguard Tips To Prevent PC Against KeyPass Ransomware Attack

  1. Be careful while doing online operation.
  2. Don’t open any suspicious attachment or message.
  3. Don’t download any application from untrusted sources.
  4. Use a trusted anti-virus tool to scan your PC on regular basis.
  5. Keep a backup copy of your installed application and files.
  6. Update your OS and existing application on regular basis.
  7. Use a strong and unique password for your accounts etc.

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