Mac Crypto-Mining Virus Spread Via MacUpdate


According to the latest report of most popular security researcher named Arnaud Abbati, the malicious updated version of some popular applications spread via MacUpdate domain that were observed for installing the crypto mining malware on Mac Systems. Security analysts named the malicious infected as OSX.CreativeUpdate which is specifically designed to download cryptocurrency miner from the servers of Adobe Creative Cloud.

Cyber Hackers Often Redirect Users to Maliciously Modified Domain

The Mac Monero miner was spread on official MacUpdate site that was unconsciously offer the modified version of OnyX, Deeper and the Firefox program with the notoriously customized scripts. Such a miner usually hides itself deep inside the PC and operate stealthily in System background. According to the security researcher, hackers often point the maliciously modified MacUpdate domain to less than legitimate or reliable download domains. Bear in your mind that the official domain for both Deeper and OnyX software is However, group of cyber hackers always led innocent users to suspicious domain,

Another application that deliver Mac cryptominer is the fake Firefox program. Hacker often used various deceptive and tricky way to infect Mac system. Just like in any phishing attack, hackers often pointed victim to domain that seems as a real and legitimate domain.

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Various Flaws of OSX.CreativeUpdate Malware

The OSX.CreativeUpdate virus contains files having .dmg file extension that allows hackers to avoid for raising any suspicions. At the first first, Mac crypto-mining malware seems as a well designed and successful but this malware comes with various limitations that allows denouncing its notorious actions. Such an application uses the copy of original application for the deceptive purposes. The malicious version of application executes on Mac OS X 10.7 and the later version which as a result it keeps users privacy at the high risk.

Tips To Avoid PC Against OSX.CreativeUpdate Virus or Other Malware
Therefore, team of security experts highly advise victim to use trusted, legitimate or professional anti-malware tools. They advised victim to keep their security software up-to-date, use only trusted domain to download and install any cost-free packages, not to open any untrusted message or dubious attachment, avoid to visit any gambling or hacked sites.

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