How To Remove Thumbnails From Google Chrome New Tab Homepage?

All Points That You Must Know About Thumbnail

Being a Computer user, almost all user are familiar with a fact that Google Chrome is one of the most popular and widely used browser that used by legitimate Google company as a marketing tool. It automatically display a page with ‘New Tab’ title when user open browser or a new tab page. The new tab page displays a Google search box and links for several Google products such as Gmail and the thumbnails or recently viewed site.

Thumbnail seems as a good option because by this user can easily access their webpages but sometimes it will be too much annoying in several conditions including showing your desktop to other or screen sharing. At that time user must opt a solution to remove thumbnails from Google Chrome new tab homepage.

Tips To Remove Thumbnails from Google Chrome New Tab homepage

Tips 1 : Delete Single Thumbnail In Google Chrome

  • First of all, open your Google Chrome browser.
  • Hover your mouse over thumbnail preview image.
  • Click on ‘X’ mark to delete the thumbnail.
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Tips 2 : Delete Browsing History In Chrome

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Del keys together.
  • On the next window, choose ‘All Time’ option and then after click on ‘Clear data’ button.

Tips 3 : Change Startup or New Tab Settings In Chrome

  • Go to address bar and execute : chrome://settings.
  • Go to ‘On startup’ section and check ‘Open a specific page or a set of pages’ box.
  • On next, click on ‘Add a new page’ and enter : about://blank
  • Click on Add button to complete the procedure and lastly restart your Google Chrome browser.

Tips 4 : Open Blank New Tab Page

  • Go to ‘Empty New Tab Page’ site.
  • Click on ‘Add to Chrome’ button and then after install the browser extension.
  • Now, you will see the blank page each time when you will open a New Tab.

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