How to Disable Macros on Windows to Prevent Ransomware Attack?

Macros : Most Popular Transmission Channel of Ransomware

Ransomware is very invasive in nature that uses lots of social engineering tactics and deceptive ways to compromise machine but mainly distributed via suspicious email attachments that includes infected MS Word documents. These documents are designed to execute the macro-based cyber attack. Besides, it can also compromise Windows machine via torrent-downloads, pirated software, hacked domain, gambling sites, contaminated devices and many more.

Things That You Must Know About Macros

Macros is actually a feature that allows to execute several tasks automatically via the series of predetermined commands. Unfortunately, this tactics is adapt by the several cyber criminals to deploy ransomware on the targeted machines. According to the security analysts, most of the ransomware will not be able to launch inside the Windows machine unless the Macros enabled. So, it is advised to keep Macros disabled by default. Otherwise, you have to suffer with the negative traits of Ransomware attack.

Instructions on How To Disable Macros on Windows

    • First of all, open MS Office document. Go to File tab.
    • From the appearing drop-down menu, choose Options.
    • Find out Trust Center and click on it.
    • On the next window, click on the button of Trust Center Settings.

    • Go to the Macros Settings. There, choose one of two top disable all Macros option.

  • To save all modifications, click on OK button.
  • Lastly, restart your Computer.
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Ransomware : Considered As One of The Most Popular Cyber Threat

In the world of cyber threat, Ransomware is definitely one of the most dangerous and dreaded cyber threats. According to the security analysts, it is an aggressive form of the cyber attack which is used by cyber criminals to infect Systems and block victims from accessing their data unless they pay ransom demanded fee. The attack of such a threat type is really very destructive and result in the data loss and exposure of financial or sensitive data.

As per the statistics of ransomware attack, about 50% of organizations have been targeted by the file-locking virus during 2016.While attacking PC, it doesn’t only make users file inaccessible but also endangers their privacy. Therefore, team of security experts are strictly advised users to take some proper precaution measures to prevent themselves from ransomware attack and secure their confidential data.

Data Backups : Appropriate Way To Get Files Back

Creating of data backup is a guaranteed way to keep your all valuable data safe after breach. This solution ensures the easy recover of data as well as files that gets infected with ransomware attack. But if you think that by using backup you can prevent your Windows PC against ransomware attack then you are wrong because it is not a solution to fight off against ransomware attack.

Another Safeguard Tips To Prevent PC Against Ransomware Attack

  1. Implement the Geo-blocking for several regions and suspicious domains.
  2. Always Review the backup process.
  3. Block the outgoing I2P traffic.
  4. Enhance the email security.
  5. Ensure all features enabled.
  6. Ensure that you are using an updated variant of anti-virus tool.
  7. Don’t click on any suspicious ads or links etc.


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