HC7 Planetary Ransomware Is The Very First To Accept Ethereum In To Attacks

It has been reported that HC7 Planetary Ransomware is first to accept Ether Cryptocurrency as ransom payout. Since Etherum (ETH) is steeply priced in market, hackers have now switched and started demanding it as a ransom payment to make maximum profits. Etherum is now there in the list and is rated as second most high priced cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. It is priced at $1200 which is estimated to soar even higher.

HC7 Planetary Ransomware

Recently spotted a new variant of HC7 Ransomware that rapidly encrypts your valuable files and appends the .PLANETERY extension to the corrupted filenames. It You have definitely heard of WannaCry ransomware last year and the destruction it has caused around the world, and that Ransomware was the worst PC threat in recent years. When this type of malware infects a PC, all (and encrypt) all their stored valuable data of the user and then request a crypto exchange payment in exchange for the decryption software or key. Normally, the currencies most commonly used for ransom payment are Bitcoin and Monero, although there appears to be a new currency that starts to catch the attention of the security researchers: Ethereum.

In recent months, malware researchers found that how the malicious hackers have moved a bit sideways to ransomware and have focused on different kinds of system threats, such as malware, using the victim’s PC to mine Cryptocurrency. However, that does not mean that ransomware is completely finished, far from it. From time to time, we can see how malware developers update malware by implementing new security and encryption measures to make them more complex and difficult to decrypt encryption algorithms or searching new techniques to free from the detections of antivirus programs. A few days ago, a system security platform found a latest variant of HC7 Planetary Ransomware, that is the first to use Ethereum as a currency for payment in exchange of decryption. While most Ransomware uses Bitcoin and several other variants of Monero, Ethereum’s enormous value movement (now equal to $ 1,200) meant that the hackers responsible for this malware have using this currency as ransom payment method, although other options, such as Verge, give greater privacy.

How This New HC7 Planetary Ransomware Works On Compromised Computer?

This HC7 Planetary Ransomware successfully intruded into system via corrupted or infected computer networks that uses remote desktop connections. After gaining successful entry inside on your system then it start manually to install the ransomware infection on various systems they can attacked to. As the ransom apply manual installation on system so it is very difficult for the security researchers to detect it. After following encryption it allows the affected user to decrypt only single device by paying the ransom of $700 and the single network after paying amount of $5000. So you should be really aware from this infection attack and follow all the security measures to make your system safe.

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