Hackers Used Advanced Phishing Skill To Steal Google Accounts Passwords

According to the latest report of security analyst of Google security experts malicious hackers are able to hijack up to 250000 Google accounts from all around the globe weekly and it keep going with a rapid rate. Recently researchers found a hidden market where the hackers sold the most of the valid passwords and log-in names to use into illegal purposes. The investigation report is based on the conclusion of last 12 months analysis where the experts found that

  • 1.9 billion accounts are obtained from security breaches into very famous companies like Equifax.
  • 12 million valid information are cheated through phishing attacks.
  • 788 thousand are generated by the keyloggers.


A recent research also disclosed that now a days phishing is the most significant process to stealing passwords or user log in details from their systems. In a report published that phishing can help the cyber hackers to harvest almost 234 thousand valid usernames or passwords of various Google accounts. Meanwhile keyloggers obtained only 15,000 logins till now. It happens due to lack of IT knowledge and also less active towards their personal security and privacy.

Google Strengthen Their Security Measures To Keeps You Away From Phising

Google researchers identified 788,000 potential victims of keylogging and 12.4 million of potential phishing victims. These kinds of attacks occur all the time. Because passwords are often not enough to access online accounts, cyber hackers also try to collect other credentials. The malware researchers discovered that some phishing campaigners are attempting to hijack your location, phone numbers or other sensitive credentials while stealing. Mark Risher, director of product management at Google, said this was one of the main conclusions of the recent phishing research.

Google can recognize automatically when you enter an unusual site on your device. If the company sees you trying to enter from Russia when you usually log in from California, Google will ask you to verify that it is you. As a result, Google has adjusted the location radius around the usual login areas.

Google Takes Precautionary Steps To Help The Victims

Team of Google reported that the analyst was supposed to identify the methods to hijacks active accounts and their passwords to improve their security measures to take this problem away permanently. According to company’s blog when they can record log-in location and device details, they will be keenly working to prevent PC users from these kinds of phishing attacks. Google also implemented various additional layers of security on its official Gmail app. The company said that by making changes it saves about 67 millions accounts from being victimized. You can also set your personalized security settings to keep your account safe.

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