Get Info About : Microsoft Engineer charged for Reveton ransomware money laundering case


Microsoft engineer named Uadiale, 41 years of age, a citizen of US of Nigerian origin has been found suspected in collection of illegal revenues and operating of Reveton ransonware, which used to collect illegal ransomware on the behalf of National Cyber Security Division and ICE Cyber Crime Center. Reveton ransomware was active during the year 2012-2014. Uadiale joined Microsoft in the year 2014 as a network engineer at Microsoft office situated in Seattle. He is charged for collecting ransom which figures about $130000 from the user by locking their files using Reveton ransomware. The profit made by the revenues generated by the ransomware was divided between two parties. One was Uadiale and another was a British hacker named K!ng. Uadiale was allotted 30% of the profit and rest 70% of profit was sent to K!ng. All these information came out when suspect was facing federal charges in Florida via investigation reports submitted by the investigators of Florida. According to the investigation reports Uadiale worked with his British Partner From October 2012 to March 2013.

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Investigators of Florida have collected evidences which approves that Uadiale and his partner K!ng generated revenue by collecting ransom by locking the files on the users computer. The technique which was implemented by these two was to threaten user by generating an alert using the name of US agencies like National Cyber Security Division and ICE Cyber security Center. These alerts explained that users have violated certain cyber rules which is categorized as an illegal activity (for instance- storing and viewing child pornographies and other similar activities) due to which PC of the user has been locked. Warning message which was actually a threatening message as it was not issued by any legitimate government bodies also contained a form of MoneyPak Via which user was suggested to pay an amount of $300 within 48 hours. Investigation reports also state that Uadiale looked after the financial side of Reveton ransomware and K!ng was responsible of spreading it. It was spread through Citadel malware and trojans named- TROJ_REVETON.SM4 and TROJ_REVETON.SM6. Uadiale collected revenue with a fake name Mike Roland as explained in the reports.

Jared Strauss, Assistant US Attorney stated in court that the accused was not a Microsoft employee at the time when money laundering was operationalized by him and his British partner. On the basis of evidences which was submitted in front of the court it can be said that Uadiale along with K!ng has collected illegal revenue of around $130000. But the accused has not been yet approved as guilty by the court and has been freed on a bond of $100000 with a condition that accused has to wear an electronic tracking machine till the case is not finalized. If accused will found guilty he will be sentenced to 20 years imprisonment or forfeit of $500000 with a minimum three year of essential supervision which is must for release.

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