Guide To Fix Error Code 0xc0000185 on Windows Operating Systems

Error code 0xc0000185 is a kind of BSOD error which appears on the Windows computers which is related to the data of boot configuration. It occurs due to the corruption of data in boot configuration or lacks some important information. As a result, the affected machine cannot booted up unless the user repair the corrupted or missing data using some tactics. According to the analysts, Windows 10 operating systems are most vulnerable to error code 0xc0000185, but it does not appear on this operating system exceptionally. Technically speaking, 0xc0000185 error is generally appeared by the entry of Windows Boot Manager also known as Bootmgr that usually get missed in the BCD (Boot Configuration Data) store.

Error Code 0xc0000185

In addition to that, this BSOD error may also appear on your system scree due to the corruption of a files identified as ‘Boot\\BCD’. Although, error code 0xc0000185 is also notified as ‘The Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information‘. However, this error notification falls into the category of fatal Windows error. This is because, it prevents the affected computer users from accessing their system’s desktop and boot the machine to function as a normal device. As a result, all crucial and valuable data stored on the device becomes inaccessible for the user. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you will not be able to access your PC or the system has crashed permanently.

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However, the boot configuration error 0xc0000185 can be easily resolved with the help of a bootable Windows Installation Media. You need to initiate the system recovery and thus error code 0xc0000185 will be terminated immediately. In few cases, the error code 0xc0000185 appeared with a bug check and the alert disappears right after the owner of affected device shuts down the machine and then turns it on again. Hence, it would be better for you to restart your computer and check whether you are capable of logging in to your desktop or not. Unfortunately, if you are stuck with 0xc0000185 error on the boot phase of the PC, then you need to create Windows 10 installation media through a DVD or USB. After creating the bootable Windows installation media, just follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Reboot the system after inserting the Windows 10 installation media.

  • To boot from the installation media, just press any key from your keyboard.

  • Here, you need to select language, currency, time and keyboard or input method and then tap on ‘Next’ button.

Error Code 0xc0000185

  • Select the type of operating system, right after clicking on ‘Repair your computer’ option.

Error Code 0xc0000185

  • Click on ‘Troubleshoot’, select ‘Advanced’ option and tap on ‘Startup Repair’ or ‘Automatic Repair’.

  • When the machine detects the operating system, select the one running on your computer.

  • At last, remove the DVD bootable media or eject the USB and then try to boot your system. As a result, you will find that error code 0xc0000185 has been resolved.

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