Tips To Fix Error Code 0x80070057 on Windows PC

Perhaps you are doing your normal work on your Windows machine and suddenly an error code 0x80070057 pops up on your system screen. If you do not know the exact reason behind the occurrence of this error message and don’t know how to deal with it, then you need not to panic! There are plenty of other Windows users that have already reported 0x80070057 error onto their Windows 7 and 10 operating systems, so you are definitely not alone regarding this problem. Fortunately, there are various ways available to troubleshoot error code 0x80070057 in Windows computers.

fix error 0x80070057

If you are looking for a reliable guide to solve error code 0x80070057, you have come across the right place because in this article, you will get the complete instruction on how to deal with 0x80070057 error and resolve this problem in several ways. Although, it is quite important for you to understand the reasons due to which you started encountering this error notification on your computer screen. Some of the main reasons behind the occurrence of 0x80070057 error are as follows:

  • At the time of creating a new profile on Microsoft Outlook.

  • While trying to backup your important system files.

  • Due to the damage of computer’s reserve partition.

  • Installing Windows 7 operating system on your machine.

  • Trying to install pending updates on Windows 7, 8, or 10 OS.

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What is so annoying about error code 0x80070057 is that you may encounter this issue suddenly whenever you are doing some important work on your PC. However, there are still some specific ways in which you can easily tackle this error. Before going for the solution process for 0x80070057 error, you need to know the root causes for the appearance of such annoying pop-ups. It may appear in various forms and some of them are:

  • Windows Update 0x80070057 Error Code

  • Microsoft Office Error Code 0x80070057

  • Incorrect Parameter 0x80070057 Error

  • Microsoft Outlook Error 0x80070057

Fixing Error Code 0x80070057 By Altering the Settings For Decimal Symbol

You might experience 0x80070057 error on your Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating system if the decimal symbol on the computer is not properly set to “.” (dot). This issue is quite common for the machines with languages not set to United States (English). In such circumstances, you need to follow the below mentioned steps to resolve error code 0x80070057:

  • First of all, go to the ‘Control Panel’ and select ‘Clock, Language and Region’ option.

fix error 0x80070057

  • Now, tap on ‘Formats’ tab and then click on ‘Additional Settings’

fix error 0x80070057

  • Go to the Decimal symbol field, type dot (.) and double-click on ‘OK’ button.

  • After making this change on your Windows system, restart your computer now.

  • Now, you may see the disappearance of error code 0x80070057 from your PC.

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