Steps To Enable or Disable Sleep Mode in Windows 10 OS

The sleep mode is considered as a low-power state which is available in Windows 10 and different versions of Windows operating system as well. This feature have been used especially by tablet and notebook users which helps them to extend the battery life due to low power sleep mode feature. Whenever a system is put onto the sleep mode, it will consume less amount of power. However, by enabling this feature on your Windows 10 OS, you can easily resume your work by pressing any of the key or moving the mouse anywhere on your PC.

Enable or Disable Sleep Mode in Windows

In case, if the battery level of Windows 10 machine falls below the critical level, the computer automatically puts on the sleep mode, if the feature is enabled because the sleep mode draws a considerably small amount of power on the battery powered Windows computers that help users to prevent from any kind of data loss situation. Due to the default settings, your system might go to the sleep state automatically just after 15 or 30 minutes of inactivity when plugged in. Moreover, it also means that your Windows 10 computer might also go to the sleep mode when a software or app is running in the background and results in the loss of data.

For example, your may encounter data loss when a file is being download on your device through the Internet browser and the system might go to sleep state which force you to start the download again if the server from where the file is being downloading does not offer resume support. Although, in some circumstances, it also helps the users to save electricity and the battery level of their machine by enabling the sleep mode feature. Now, its up to you, if you find this feature beneficial or not so useful, then you can either configure the settings of your Windows 10 OS to enter the sleep mode or makes your machine never sleep.

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Enable or Disable Sleep Mode in Windows 10 OS

  • Click on ‘Start’ menu and click on ‘Settings’ option or simply press Win + I buttons.

Enable or Disable Sleep Mode in Windows 10

  • Tap on the option listed as ‘System’.

Enable or Disable Sleep Mode in Windows 10

  • Now, click on ‘Power & Sleep’ from the appeared page.

Enable or Disable Sleep Mode in Windows 10

  • Under the ‘Sleep’ section, you will find two options, i.e. ‘On battery power, PC goes to sleep after’ and ‘When plugged in, PC goes to sleep after’.

Enable or Disable Sleep Mode in Windows 10

  • Here, if you want to disable the Windows 10 sleep mode feature, then you need to select the option ‘Never’

Note: Instead of selecting ‘Never’ option, you can select any number i.e. minutes that will enable the Sleep Mode feature in your Windows 10 operating system.

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