Easy Tips To Recover Written Over Files (100% Working Guide)

Recovering of written over files is generally possible because deleted files are actually not deleted forever. But if the file is overwritten by new one then recovering of files is really a very difficult job. This post is mainly created to help System users to recover written over files.

File as well as data losing is one of the most common phenomenon in daily life. It happens to almost all of us. There are two situation at which you are going to recover the written over files or replaced files. If you replaced the file with file that is same as or too much similar with original one. You only have a little chance to recover the replaced or overwritten files because disk place of original will be replaced by newer one. But somehow if your file are replaced by different file with same name then you have a chance to recover it before it is not written over by new one.

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Reasons Behind The Deletion of Files

  • Accidental formatting of hard drive.
  • Use of Shift+Del command.
  • Use of Command Prompt to erase files.
  • Bypassing and emptying Recycle Bin etc.

Tricks To Avoid Deletion of Files on PC

  1. Before using shift+del command, check files twice.
  2. Avoid the shutdown during process of data transfer.
  3. Avoid to use cut and paste command.
  4. Always scan your PC on the regular basis etc.

Recover Written Over Files Easily

To recover written over files on Windows System, follow the below mentioned solution :

Tips 1 : Recover Written Over Files Using System Restore

  • Restoring System to last backup point using the System Restore is one of the most easiest and efficient way to recover the overwritten files. This is why, you must follow these steps :
  • Start search for ‘System Restore’.
  • Click on result.
  • On the next window, select data before the appearances of infection.
  • Now, follow the step-by-step on-screen instructions very carefully.

Tips 2 : Recover Written Over Files From Previous Version

Previous version is actually a backup and the recovery feature in Windows PC that is used to restore lost, deleted, modified, damaged, formatted or corrupt files. You might restore your overwritten files from previous version by following these tricks :

  • Right click on file and select ‘Properties’ option.
  • Open ‘Previous Version’ tab.
  • Choose latest version and then after click on ‘Copy’.
  • To get back written over files, click on Restore option.

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