Easy Tips on How to Fix “Windows cannot find wuapp.exe” Error Message

wuapp.exe is actually a type of EXE files associated with Microsoft Windows Operating System developed by Knmi for the Windows operating system. The latest version of wuapp.exe (i.e., 7.5.7601.17514 (win7sp1_rtm.101119-1850) was actually produced for Windows. This EXE file do carries a popularity rating of 1 stars a security rating of ‘UNKNOWN’.

Technologists have reported wuapp.exe as a file to which the Windows Update Application Launched refers to. Thus, whensoever other programs modify or move the file, the application with a link to it cannot get normally operated and an error message flicker stating :

“Windows cannot find wuapp.exe” error message

Besides from this, often various other error messages gets flickered such as :

“Cannot find wuapp.exe.”
“Wuapp.exe is not running.”
“Faulting Application Path: wuapp.exe.”
“Wuapp.exe failed.”
“Wuapp.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
“Wuapp.exe is not a valid Win32 application.”

It is literally very important for the Windows users to concentrate on how to fix “Windows cannot find wuapp.exe” error message as quickly as possible, as otherwise it might lead to generation of several serious issues such as slower work of system, system terminations, failure to run some applications and alterations in Windows setups.

Solution on How to fix “Windows cannot find wuapp.exe” error message

Instructions on How to fix “Windows cannot find wuapp.exe” error message for Windows 10

“Windows cannot find wuapp.exe” error message usually flicker over Windows 10 device’s screen while making attempts of updating the system.

Solution 1 : Fix Through Windows Update Troubleshooting

  • Initiate a search for ‘troubleshoot’ and then choose Troubleshooting

  • Now under the category ‘System and Security’, tap ‘Fix problems with Windows Update’

  • Choose ‘Advanced’ and then check whether ‘Apply repairs automatically’ is on or not.

  • Tap ‘Run as administrator’

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Solution 2 : Update the Windows 10 system through the Settings menu.

  • Firstly open the Settings (Windows + I)

  • Go to the ‘Update & security’ tab.

  • In the ‘Windows Update’ section, tap ‘Check for Updates’ button.

  • Update the system in a case if any updates are available.

Instructions on How to fix “Windows cannot find wuapp.exe” error message for other systems (Windows 8/7/XP)

  • Look for the file in the Recycle Bin

One of the most comprehensive of fixing the “Windows cannot find wuapp.exe” error message is to open up the Recycle Bin, check out the file here and then resolve it. In a case if it not possible, then one might desired to download the missing file from the Internet. Experts encourages not to do it since according to them they can carry vicious softwares. Thus, downloading it from the authentic or reliable source has been referred as the best solution.

  • Scan the system for malwares

Virus might get infiltrated inside the system and set up for several other system files in the meantime recoding the wuapp..exe or eradicating it. The virus may also imitate error messages. Thus, in this situation it would doubtlessly not be inappropriate to conduct a deep scanning of the system in search of malware.

  • Repair the system with the sfc/scannow command

The sfc command (i.e., short for System File Checker) is actually a tool which is get utilized to deal with the PC’s files. It do detects the damaged or rewritten files and amends them automatically.

  1. Initiate the search for ‘command’ but do not press the Enter key.
  2. Now press ‘CTRL+Shift and ENTER’ in the appeared window and then tap ‘Yes’
  3. Input ‘sfc /scannow’ and then press ‘Enter’
  4. Wait under the scanning ends.

The aforementioned steps would for surely helps the users on how to fix “Windows cannot find wuapp.exe” error message

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