Easy Guide To Delete Search.anysearch.com

An Overview on Search.anysearch.com

Search.anysearch.com is a newly created search domain that is promoted at the Anysearch.net and associated with "Any Search Manager" software. Like other legitimate and real search provider, it pretends itself as a very help one and promoted as the best search enhancement utility for the Mac system. But according to the depth analysis report of malware researchers, it is completely untruthful site that mainly related with a browser hijacker infection. Technically, it is not a high-level or malicious System threat but it is harmful for the Mac PC because of it's negative traits and harmful consequences.

Delete Search.anysearch.com

More Details That You Should Concern About Search.anysearch.com

Once Search.anysearch.com get installed into the Mac system, it automatically adds the "Any Search Manager" to "Applications folder" and add some weird extension to all installed browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Opera, Yahoo, Microsoft Edge even Safari and much more. Although, it seems as regular search engine but in reality it is untrusted one that can cause chaos your Mac system. The main objective of such a domain is to redirect innocent user to it's associated or predetermined sites to drive web traffic and generate online revenue for them using pay-per-click scheme.

It automatically alters all browser settings and replaces it with the default search engine. This type of site is mainly known to display the full banner ads, comparison prices, deals, discounts, promo codes, pop-ups and other commercial ads on entire visited webpages that typically based on the PPC platform. Clicking on any advertisements may lead you to irrelevant or unsafe domain and force you to buy the bogus application or sponsored products. Thus, you should avoid to click on any suspicious pop-up ads and links. The worst behavior of such an infection is to gather System user's all confidential data and later forwarded them to the remote attackers with evil intention. In short, you should not trust on it despite of it's all features and promises. To have a better surfing experience and avoid PC from further attack, take an immediate action regarding the deletion of Search.anysearch.com.

Potential Sources of Search.anysearch.com Infiltration

  • Bundling method that comes with various packages of unknown program.
  • Malicious or hacked site that offers several fake promises and features.
  • Spam messages or junk mail attachments.
  • Infected devices that used by you to share or transfer data.
  • Fake software updater links, pirated software, suspicious ads and much more.


Remove Search.anysearch.com : How to Completely Get Rid of Search.anysearch.com

Search.anysearch.com is identified as a infectious redirect virus that is capable to ruin your system. It silently get added and bring numerous changes in essential system’s settings without your consent. Once activated, Search.anysearch.com will start editing your default search browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Goggle Chrome, IE and Safari to make its result hijacked to suspicious websites along with evil motive. It is designed just like genuine domain and try to attract user by displaying attractive offers and discount coupons. Search.anysearch.com will bring changes in your essential system’s settings including security, default browser’s settings without asking your permission. What’s more worse, it will mix up its code in the start up section to get added every time after its start up. Search.anysearch.com will gather your banking and personal details including user name, contact number, passwords and so on.. by tracking your online activities. Thus, it would better to remove Search.anysearch.com immediately before its too late.

How to Delete Search.anysearch.com from Mac OSX

Step 1. Uninstall Search.anysearch.com completely From Mac OSX

1. Open “Finder

2. Go to the “Applications” folder

3. Right click on Search.anysearch.com and then select “Move to Trash

4. Open “Trash” folder and select “Empty”


Step 2. Remove Search.anysearch.com related extension from Your Browser

Uninstall Search.anysearch.com From Safari

  • Open the Safari browser
  • Click on ‘Safari‘ and select ‘Preferences
  • Now choose the ‘extensions‘ tab from top menu bar
  • The list of all currently installed
  • extensions, or plugins will get opened
  • Choose Search.anysearch.com and other suspicious extensions.
  • Finally click on Uninstall button.


Remove Search.anysearch.com From Mac Chrome

  • Click the Chrome Menu  mac chromeon the browser toolbar.
  • Select Tools and choose the Extensions option.
  • Select Search.anysearch.com extension and click the trash  trash icon
  • Make sure to remove all unwanted or suspicious extensions.
  • Click on Remove button if confirmation dialog box opens.


Remove Search.anysearch.com From Mac Firefox

  • Open your Firefox and select the Firefox OSX menu.

  • Select Preferences

  • option from the Firefox menu.

  • Choose Add-ons Manager tab and click Extensions panel.

  • Select Search.anysearch.com and click on Disable or Remove button.

  • Make sure to remove all unwanted or suspicious extensions.

  • Click on Restart now button if it pops up.

FF Ext

Step 3. Download MacKeeper To Remove Search.anysearch.com

If you have performed all the above steps but Search.anysearch.com still remains on your Mac then you should use Mackeeper Tool to remove this threat completely from your Mac. If you don’t want to perform those manual steps then you can also use the Mackeeper Tool to automatically remove Search.anysearch.com from your Mac machine. It is an elite Mac cleaner and optimizer Tool enhance that remove all kinds of junks and harmful infections from Mac. It is an all in one Mac optimization Tool that boost the performance of your Mac and give the optimum security.

User Guide :- How To Remove Search.anysearch.com using Mackeeper

1. Click on the below button to download MacKeeper now


2. Double-click “MacKeeper.dmg” and complete the installation process.


3. In “System Status” tab, run a Scan to detect Search.anysearch.com and then click “Fix items Safely” to clean up all infections.mack3

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