Cookie Miner Malware Found Stealing Crypto Wallet Data On Mac OS X

Cookie Miner Malware Found Stealing Crypto Wallet Data On Mac OS X

The Security Researcher of Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 had published a new report on the recently detected malware threat which was specially developed from OSX.DarthMiner for Apple Mac based Operating System. The main objective of designing such malware by the remote hackers of the cookie miner is to steal web browsing cookies that is associated with the crypto-currency wallets. And another motive is to gain extra revenue funds by misusing the resources of the deceived system from the victimized users for mining Koto which is the very famous crypto-currency in Japan though the mining package named “xmrig2”.

Cookie Miner Malware : Based on the OSX.DarthMiner

According to the researchers of the cyber security firm called Palo Alto Networks this cookie-miner is based on the OSX.DarthMiner cyber threat which was discovered by the experts of the malwarebytes in December. It is capable of stealing all types of sensitive, confidential informations like user Id, passwords, credit card details, account related informations, secret implementations of the crypto-miner of the compromised computer system for maximizing the illegal profits.

This Cookie miner can even targets the Google Chrome web browser by using the Python scripting language called which is the defects of the Chromium the open-source projects by Google Chrome. It can also identifies the websites that may contains block-chain in the domain name such as Bitstamp, Coinbase, Bittrex, MyEtherWallet, Binance, Poloniex and attempts to steal many financial services such as Discover, Visa, Mastercard and American Express etc. They only focuses on the crypto-currency wallet and some exchange users by stealing the credentials as well as some manually login into the digital assets platform for withdrawal or reallocation of funds.

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Affected Areas Of Cookie-Miner

The malware researchers published some facts about the cookie-miner that It always tries to search the past authentication procedures of the user for stealing the combination of the text messages, web cookies and some login credentials. As it successfully get into the web pages by using the users identification details that can be helpful in withdrawal of funds. This is the most effective method for generating many illegal revenues from the mining of any type of crypto-currency. It may even modifies the the system configuration of the victims for loading the malicious crypto-mining software applications into the compromised machines.

The researchers explained in their report that this cookie-miner can very easily collects all the data from the iPhone backups which can be perfectly transferred to Mac platform based system through SMS messages of iPhones and iTunes. All the gathered informations of users such as Login IDs, passwords, some visited URL’s and many keys of crypto-currency wallets can be sent to a Command & Control server which is completely controlled by the cyber criminals of the malware.


The Cookie miner is the very powerful malware threat that only results in the financial loss of the victims but rather than his identity theft. It is always intended to help its developer for generating online profits by gathering some crucial informations and mining crypto-currency. The owners of the crypto-currency should monitor the digital assets and security settings of the users for preventing the leakage of confidential data. Therefore if you want to get protected from the unwanted consequences then should always stay away from such malicious web pages and install a reputable security measuring application for real time protection features as well.

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