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Safari and Edge Browser Prone to Address Bar Spoofing Vulnerability

These days, a new vulnerability in Edge and Safari browser has been identified that allows cyber hackers to take control of content that displayed on address bar named Address Bar Spoofing. This vulnerability is regarding as the most harmful and…
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How to Disable Macros on Windows to Prevent Ransomware Attack?

Macros : Most Popular Transmission Channel of Ransomware Ransomware is very invasive in nature that uses lots of social engineering tactics and deceptive ways to compromise machine but mainly distributed via suspicious email attachments that includes infected MS Word documents….
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Latest Variant of GandCrab Ransomware Walks Its way Onto Hacked or Compromised Websites

In the prevalence of the ransomware in threat landscape, team of security analysts has been monitoring on the widely spread ransomware dubbed as GandCrab Ransomware that uses both traditional spam campaigns and several exploit kits such as Grandsoft and Rig….
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Updated Rakhni Ransomware Can Mine Cryptocurrency or Encrypt PC Files

Rakhni Ransomware

Rakhni Ransomware, a malware which has been infecting the user’s computer since year 2013 and still making new victims. It is one of the most precarious cyber threat which is still around and has not quite stopped. The cyber criminals…
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New Chrome Cleanup Tool Isn’t Making Windows User Happy

Chrome Cleanup tool

Google has added a new feature in Chrome for Windows users in order to provide them better security against the invasion of potentially unwanted programs or malicious softwares. This new feature works as a complement protection that are already available…
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