5 Influencing Steps To Block Cyptocurrency Exploit In Your web Browsers

Block Cyptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a new digital or virtual currency that is widely using encryption for security purposes. The biggest flaw in using such Cryptocurrency is that it can be hardly tracked by any Government agencies. As you know they gained popularity so the website owners now using the popularity of Cryptocurrency mining scripts to use the CPU power of visitors to make more profits. This also inspired several malware developers to block Cryptocurrency mining to popular web browsers using various infecting methods. According to a latest research “The Pirate Bay”, the worlds most popular torrent website, had recently tested a Monero Cryptocurrency miner on their website. The website owner confessed that it may be used in coin mining in future to keep website running. Bitcoin mining is a very profitable and this is the reason behind why we have seen the desktop miners, and also now launched a browser miner pushed to the users system.

Any site visit on browser and any web extensions can run Bitcoin mining operation. You may be puzzled to see that some of the popular and respected sites and extension program are using this Bitcoin miner to illegal profit. While system users have plenty of options to save their devices. Although it is certainly possible to use content extensions to prevent extracting scripts from running on sites, they will not generally block the extension based on the extraction. It might be the best option at this time to block the known names of Bitcoin. One of the best options to do this is to add them to the OS host file so that these domains are redirected to local host. Furthermore, this make an effect that the sites and the extensions are unable to connect with these suspicious domains no more by making redirection on it. You can read below that you need to add new domains and modify existing ones if the needs arises manually by following below given steps.

How To Stop Cryptocurrency mining in your web browsers?


In recent times most of the websites uses TPB-like headlines called as Coin Hive for mining. Using below given simple ways to block such malicious activities

1. Use No Coin Chrome Extension – By installing Chrome extensions is one of the best methods to block coin mining in the Internet browsers. No Coin is such as free solution to get rid of this problem. This is an open source extension which is a reliable source to control how a website opening on your web browser.

As soon as you open a website No Coin will detect and display if any suspicious activity is going on. You will be alerted with a red symbol. This extensions can block any such activity and it allows to white list a website for a period of time.

2. Use MinorBlock Chrome extension – Similar to No Coin MinorBlock Chrome extension tool is an another open source utility that is used to block Cryptocurrency mining on the web browsers. These of the extensions currently listed a few famous miner web domains into their list and they are expected to add more once they got famous. Here is a look of MinerBlock notification when I visited Coin Hive website.

3. Block Coin mining domain in hosts file – It is the manual method to block specific domain that you don’t find vicious or annoying. Due to blocking of such sites your web browser unable to open these websites. The host file is edited and redirected to

4. Block domains in Ad blocker – Ad blocking extensions such as Ad blocker can help you effectively to block Cryptocurrency mining. It depends on your web browsers, you can set relevant settings to block specific domains.

5. Use NoScripts in Firefox – For Firefox you should use JavaScript-block extensions like NoScript. Pay attention because it is an aggressive program which mat break lots of domains as it disables all scripts running on webpages and if you are using TOR browser then you are very much familiar with its use and working nature.

Hence you can use any one from the above mentioned methods to successfully block Cryptocurrency mining in the web browsers.

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