Firefox 52 Is More Secure Now With Warning Of Login Fields on Insecure Pages

Mozilla Firefox has came with it’s latest updated version having convenience of providing the PC users with alert warnings at the instant of time when they enter their passwords on insecure pages.

The modification was actually initially introduced last year, when Mozilla Firefox familiarize the warning for the very first time in Firefox DevEdition 46. The event was actually held in an attempt for the purpose of raising awareness on the risks requesting confidential information over several unsecured connections pose. Though last years, the warning was meant only for the developers, but fortunately now the browser is offering particular feature to it’s end-users as well. Beginning with Firefox 52, users are provided with warning message stating “This connection is not secure” when clicks are made into the username and password fields are made on pages not utilizing HTTPS.

The predecessor of Firefox 52 i.e., Firefox 51 has been notified displaying a struck-through lock icon over all pages not making usage of HTTPS, in order to make it clear to the users that the pages are not safe. Along with this, in the case of this version warning is also displayed whensoever password is entered on an insecure page.

According to Mozilla developers, the latest updated version of Firefox i.e., Firefox 52 also prohibits several insecure HTTP sites from setting cookies wit the ‘secure’ attribute via implementing the Strict Secure Cookies specifications. Keeping this beneficial feature aside, the particular version also includes a wide range of bug fixes also, including patches for Critical issues such as : asm.js JIT-spray bypass of DEP and ASLR; Use-after-free working with events in FontFace objects; memory safety bugs; Use-after-free working with ranges in selections; Use-after-free using addRange to add range to an incorrect root object etc.

Along with all this, numerous high risk vulnerabilities are also addressed in the Firefox 52 version such as Pixel and history stealing via floating-point timing side channel along with SVG filters; Segmentation fault in Skia along with canvas operations etc. This particular Firefox version has been notified compatible with a wide range of OS including Windows, macOS and Linux.

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