Eliminate Trojan.Klonzyrat: Ways to Remove Trojan Infection

What is Trojan.Klonzyrat?

Being a trojan, Trojan.Klonzyrat opens a backdoor on the compromised computer. Unfortunately, it is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000. Though, all Windows users a potential victim of Trojan.Klonzyrat. As you can see in its name – RAT, it means, it is coded to be used as a remote access tool. A RAT usually allows remote attacker to access infected computer remotely without victims' consent. Taking advantages of it, remote hacker record your private moments videos, take screenshots of your online banking transactions, monitors your social or email accounts activities, use your Internet to participate in cyber crimes and so on. Immediate removal is advised, if you computer has been affected with Trojan.Klonzyrat.


Highlights of Trojan.Klonzyrat infections

  • Trojan.Klonzyrat sends collected information on command and control server without your awareness. These informations include Operating system version, Host name, User name, Installed Antivirus, Memory capacity, CPU details, GPU details, System Drive size, Installed .NET framework run time version, default browser, system uptime, Current User privilege, Computer type, External IP address, Malware Install path and more.
  • Trojan.Klonzyrat connects to one of these remote locations http://www.whatsmyip.website/api/api-info , http://myexternalip.com/raw, http://ip.anysrc.net/plain/clientip or https://api.ipify.org/?format=text to obtain an external IP address and download potentially malicious files.
  • Malicious actions of the Trojan horse include download of additional components , creating a socks proxy obtaining wallet.dat , Updating itself on scheduled time, logging keystrokes , replacing a bitcoin address on the clipboard with a bitcoin address specifically chosen by remote attacker , distributed denial of service attacks , Download and execution of malware, install a crypto currency miner and opening a Spamming URLs without your consent.

Trojan.Klonzyrat – Ways of Distribution

Apparently, Trojan.Klonzyrat arrives on your computer through redirected links if you install recommended updates like Windows critical updates, Flash player updates, Java updates and so on. Even, nowadays remote hackers have become so smart they are sending spam emails which looks like a legitimate email from infamous companies. When you open the email and double click attachment file or embedded code, your computer gets infected with Trojan.Klonzyrat. Moreover, it may be delivered with pirated software or games that you install by downloading off the unofficial sites.

Therefore, if you really want to safeguard your computer then you should take service of Antivirus software and keep it up-to-date always. Besides, you should control your unsuspecting habits while surfing Internet. Now, it's your time to get rid of Trojan.Klonzyrat by following the given removal procedures:


How to Remove Trojan.Klonzyrat: Completely

Trojan.Klonzyrat: is one of the most dangerous and notorious trojan threat which is quite very troublemaker and contribute lots of problems for the innocent PC users. This threat is now disbursed all across and has targeted many of the windows computer to put its harmful effects. Although, Trojan.Klonzyrat: might not seen to be very dangerous and so mostly people avoid its presence. Nevertheless, it is a very dreadful trojan infection that sneaks into computer very silently and quickly manages to hide its identity without letting anyone know about its presence. Trojan.Klonzyrat: execute command prompt to continue its evil tasks and copies file name to prevents itself from being detected. Now, there must be in your mind how such type of malware slips into PC.

Below is the list of negative impact of Trojan.Klonzyrat: is given that would let you know how dangerous and infectious Trojan.Klonzyrat: is.

  1. Trojan.Klonzyrat: often copies genuine file and prevent itself from being detected.

  2. It changes file name stored in the PC with malicious extensions.

  3. You might notice certain changes into the system default settings.

  4. It is a troublemaker threat which creates problems when you reboot your computer.

  5. Its worst impact might leads to unusual shut down of Computer

  6. It is responsible for slower system performance speed.

Trojan.Klonzyrat: brings your privacy at high risk and allows web hackers to use you personal details for illegal purpose which might lead you to become identity theft victim.

A. Trojan.Klonzyrat: Manual Removal

How to Change the System Folder Settings to view hidden files

On Windows 7 | Vista

Windows Logo button is to be selected and then you need to Open Windows Explorer.

Click on Organize selecting Folder and Search Options.

Now Click on View Tab and select Show hidden files and folders Option to view Trojan.Klonzyrat: related files.


Click on OK to Apply

On Windows 8

Select on Windows + E keys in combination on the keyboard.

Click on View Tab option

win 8

File name Extensions along with hidden items is to be checked

Step 2: Delete Trojan.Klonzyrat: Related Files in Hidden Folders as given

  • %Temp%\[adware name]
  • %AppData%\[adware name]
  • %LocalAppData%\[adware name]
  • %LocalAppData%\[adware name].exe
  • %CommonAppData%\[adware name]
  • %AllUsersProfile%random.exe

Step 3 : Remove Trojan.Klonzyrat: Related Registry Files on Windows

First, Open Registry Editor

On Windows 7| Vista

Click on Start Button

Select on Run Button

Type regedit

Finally Click on OK button

On Windows 8 Computer

Click on Win [Window Key] + R in Combination on Keyboard

Type regedit.exe in dialog box and press OK.


Confirm OK to open the registry editor.

Look for Trojan.Klonzyrat: related files and entries created in Win Registry.

Note: This step is only suitable for users having Technical Skills, if you delete any other entries other than Trojan.Klonzyrat:, it will permanently damage your PC.

B. Trojan.Klonzyrat: Removal from Windows OS

How to Uninstall Trojan.Klonzyrat: related program on PC

on Windows 10

1. On Win 10 Screen, Click on Start Menu and Select All apps.

  1. this will show entire list of apps installed on Win 10, Find Trojan.Klonzyrat: or any other suspicious program from the list. Right Click on the Selected item to uninstall it.

On Win 7 | Vista

  1. Select and Click on the Start Button and Click on Control Panel using Start Menu.

control panel2. You need to Select Uninstall Program under the Program Category in Control Panel.

uninstall program


3. Using the Window, Program and Features option, select Installed on to view all the recently installed programs, Now uninstall Trojan.Klonzyrat: or any other suspicious programs.

From window 8 PC

1. Press Windows key + I simultaneously , then open Setting Bar, click Control Panel to open it

2. Under Programs category, select Uninstall a program

3. Search Trojan.Klonzyrat: program in Program and Features window, then click on Uninstall


Step 2:- Uninstall Trojan.Klonzyrat: toolbar, add-on, plug-in and extension from browser IE/Microsoft Edge/Firefox/Google Chrome

From Chrome Browser

1. On Chrome browser, select menu


2. Select Advanced Settings option


3. Click on Extension


4. To remove Trojan.Klonzyrat: extension, click on Trash icon

5. Select the Remove option in dialog box

From Microsoft Edge Browser

( Microsoft Edge does not support extension, now you have to just reset the search engine and homepage of Edge browser)

1. Set homepage on Edge browser to remove Trojan.Klonzyrat:

  1. On address bar click More(..), and then select Settings option

Edge-Browser-Settings3. View Advanced Settings for specific page, to set homepage to Open with option

advance-settings-edge4. To set your own homepage click on Custom, the then type URL of your own homepage


2. To remove Trojan.Klonzyrat: set default Search Engine

  • On address bar click More(..), and then select Settings option
  • select the View advanced settings option
  • Select “Search in the address bar with”, then enter the search engine by clicking on <Add new> option, then click on Add as default


  •  Custom option is to be selected, enter the URL of the homepage to be set as


From IE Browser

1. To open Manage add-ons on your IE browser, click on Tools button


2. Select Toolbars and Extensions, them make a selection of Trojan.Klonzyrat: to remove it


3. Now click on Reset button to remove  Trojan.Klonzyrat: add-ons


From Firefox browser

1. To open Add-on Manager tab, select Menu button, and then click on Add-ons


2. Click Extensions

FF Ext

3. Select Remove or Disable button


How to Remove Trojan.Klonzyrat: Automatically

Well, in the fast growing technology and day by day increasing malicious activities of cyber criminals, it is necessary for every computer user to protect their PC from Trojan.Klonzyrat:. You must own a best removal tool which can provide safety and security to your windows machine. Trojan.Klonzyrat: Free Scanner is one of the best tool which is capable to detect Trojan.Klonzyrat: or any malware completely from compromised machine. However you need to purchase its licensed version to delete Trojan.Klonzyrat: completely.

User Guide : Automatic Trojan.Klonzyrat: Free Scanner

Step 1 Download the software and now install it on your computer. Click on “Scan Computer” to detect presence of Trojan.Klonzyrat: and its harmful traces.


Step 2 Scan in progress can be viewed


Step 3 Use System Guard feature to block entry of Trojan.Klonzyrat: and its infectious files.


Step 4 HelpDesk is an additional feature which is can sort out all your troubles usually you face when PC is infected with Trojan.Klonzyrat:


Step 5 Trojan.Klonzyrat: Free Scanner has Network Sentry feature which helps to block modification done through Internet connectivity on your computer system.

Network-senetary (1)

Step 6 Enable Scan Scheduler feature on your computer to perform scanning at pre set time like daily, weekly or monthly.