ClearEnergy Ransomware Aims To Attack SCADA & Industrial Control Systems

GE, SE & Allen-Bradely are More Vulnerable to ClearEnergy Ransomware

ClearEnergy Ransomware is a dangerous ransomware virus which started its distribution all across the world. In the beginning, the malware seemed to be in a relatively very low stage of its distribution. Nevertheless, this threat is not in the developmental process anymore, hence, the amount of affected computer users can go higher. Based on the research report, ransomware has started spreading with the help of malicious exploit kit, hence there is no doubt that the true intension of the criminal hackers have increased. Moreover, looking at its coding peculiarities, it can hardly compete with other destructive ransomware viruses. Although, it does not mean that ClearEnergy Ransomware is not capable of inflicting as much damage as other noxious threats do. Just like any other noxious ransomware infections, this parasite encrypts user’s documents, archives, pictures, and other personal information with RSA and AES ciphers, thus, making the enciphered files completely inaccessible.

ClearEnergy Ransomware

Furthermore, it is not clear that what type of file extension the ransomware has been added to encoded files or data. So, the encrypted files seem normal until you try to open them. Besides, it can also delete the Shadow Volume Copies in order to ensure that there is no other way for the affected computer user to retrieve them. Unluckily, there is no alternative decryption tool is currently available that would help the victimized system users to retrieve their important files. However, you shouldn’t think about paying to the cyber offender as well because the functionality of the decryption software that it provides is not guaranteed. Therefore, ClearEnergy Ransomware removal and the use of backup copies is the safest option that you have. In such circumstances, you can use credible anti-malware tool to fix your machine, while the data recovery methods will be provided at the end of this security article.

ClearEnergy Ransomware : Infiltration and Preventative Measures

Though, ClearEnergy Ransomware is not a typical ransomware threat, its creators are probably employing few typical ways to distribute the malware all around the world. It is most likely that the ransomware will try to invade your system disguised as a legit system programs, Java software or Adobe Flash update. Also, you can infected with this virus with the malicious links or attachments delivered by junk emails. Therefore, it is always very important to stay vigilant and avoid such dangerous encounters. However, the accidents do happen and the inexperienced PC users can get infected with this malware without even suspecting it. In such circumstances, it is strongly recommended by the security researchers to main regular backups in order to avoid data loss issues caused by the invasion of ClearEnergy Ransomware.

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