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Updated Rakhni Ransomware Can Mine Cryptocurrency or Encrypt PC Files

Rakhni Ransomware

Rakhni Ransomware, a malware which has been infecting the user’s computer since year 2013 and still making new victims. It is one of the most precarious cyber threat which is still around and has not quite stopped. The cyber criminals…
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New Chrome Cleanup Tool Isn’t Making Windows User Happy

Chrome Cleanup tool

Google has added a new feature in Chrome for Windows users in order to provide them better security against the invasion of potentially unwanted programs or malicious softwares. This new feature works as a complement protection that are already available…
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Effective Tips To Fix Windows Update Error Code 0x80070002 and 0x80070003

Are you getting windows update error code 0x80070002 and 0x80070003 on your Windows PC? Are you unable to update your Windows OS due to this error message? Searching for an effective tips or solution to fix windows update error code…
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New Nigelthorn Malware Steals Facebook Credentials & Mines Digital Money

A new strain of precarious malware named Nigelthorn malware has already infected more than 100,000 computers in 100 countries by abusing a Chrome extension known as Nigelify. The most affected countries by this dangerous malware are Venezuela, Philippines and Ecuador….
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Steps To Enable or Disable Sleep Mode in Windows 10 OS

The sleep mode is considered as a low-power state which is available in Windows 10 and different versions of Windows operating system as well. This feature have been used especially by tablet and notebook users which helps them to extend…
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How To Fix ‘System Keeps Restarting’ Issue Immediately

If your system restarts again and again without giving a prior notification or warning message, or goes into the reboot loop and you don’t the exact reason behind and what to do in such circumstances, then you have come across…
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Backup Ransomware : New Variant of CryptoMix Constantly Infecting Windows PCs

Malware researchers team of a reputed online security firm have discovered a new variant of CryptoMix ransomware known as Backup Ransomware which targets the Windows machines for encoding specific file types saved on the system. After getting inside the systems,…
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