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Erebus Ransomware Reported Exploiting an UAC Bypass and Seeking a $90 Ransom Payment

Being a new ransomware discovered by security experts at VirusTotal, Erebus Ransomware has been reported as yet another threatening malware program whose distributed method is still unknown. Though likewise various other ransomware programs, the aforementioned ones also includes tendency of…
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“Merry Christmas” Ransomware Detected Utilizing DiamondFox Malware To Steal User’s Private Data

Christmas is over but hackers have utilized this golden period to exploit the vulnerabilities to ransack private data using Merry Christmas Ransomware. Researchers have reported about recent variants of Merry Christmas aka Merry X-Mas to be highly active during Christmas…
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Tool Presented By Google To Help Developers in Finding Common Crypt bugs

A new open source tool namely ‘Project Wycheproof’ has been designed by Google team for the purpose of testing the most popular cryptographic software libraries against several familiar attacks.┬áBeing presented by Google, Project Wycheproof is basically an open source Crypto…
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